Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass
Color: clear laminated glass,milky laminated glass,grey laminated glass
Size:2140*3660 2140*3300 1830*2440

whats is laminated glass,
Laminated glass is in the two or more pieces of glass between the layers of one or more layers of tough, strong bonding of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer, made by high temperature and high pressure processing. The use of ordinary transparent PVB made of laminated glass, appearance and installation methods and ordinary glass is basically the same.


Name laminated glass
material Floated glass, self-cleaning glass, Rewan glass, all kinds of (semi) tempered glass, coated glass, high-strength single-layer cesium potassium fire glass, high-strength single-chip low-radiation coating fire glass
Intermediate layer type Transparent colorless PVB, color PVB, VANCEVA film, sound insulation PVB, high viscosity PVB
Combination shape Flat, single arc and other
Maximum processing size (mm)

Minimum processing size (mm)


float glass temperated glass Glazed tempered glass substrate Monolithic fireproof glass
2500×10000 2500×5100 2000×4500、2440×3600 2500×4804
300×300 300×300 300×300 300×150’
thickness(mm) 4~100

1, safe
The laminated glass, which is made of tough and cohesive PVB film, is really safe glass, whether it is a conventional laminated glass or a laminated laminated glass. Once the glass is broken, its pieces are still firmly bonded to the PVB film. Together, to avoid damage to the human body due to broken pieces of glass.

Shotgun impact test

Ordinary glass after crushing its fragmented state for the long stripe-shaped sharp mouth, whether in any self-broken will cause harm to the human body; tempered glass fragments for the obtuse angle small granular, low in the use of the floor will not hurt the human body, but In the use of high-rise, the debris in the process of falling will produce “grain rain”, will cause a certain degree of harm to the human body; laminated glass broken after the entire panel remains intact, there will be no debris falling phenomenon, The role of wind and rain.

2, sound insulation
Tough material of the PVB film on the sound wave has a strong damping effect, so that laminated glass can effectively block the sound of the spread, significantly reduce the noise of the external environment, so that work or home from the noise.
Sound insulation features

3, anti-ultraviolet
UV on the indoor fabric and furniture aging a great impact, laminated glass can absorb 99% of the UV, you can protect the indoor expensive furniture, exhibits or goods, so as not to be affected by the impact of ultraviolet light and fade.

4, security
Because it is not possible to cut the installed laminated glass with a glass knife, it is very difficult and easy to find it by cutting or breaking the laminated glass into the room by using other tools to break the laminated glass. So the laminated glass for the malicious destruction, theft and violent invasion has a strong resistance.

5, bulletproof
PVB toughness is excellent, in the laminated glass by the external force of the impact, the film will absorb a lot of impact energy, and make it quickly decay, by increasing the thickness of PVB or multi-glass combination of bullet-proof laminated glass can effectively prevent bullets Attack.

VANCEVA Solar Control PVB Film (VANCEVA solar PVB Film)
For safety reasons, architects have to use a large number of laminated glass in the building, ordinary laminated glass in the application there is a significant drawback: high thermal conductivity and high shading coefficient. This shortcoming will cause the room to heat up and increase the energy consumption, especially for the low latitudes of the hot areas, the strong light will make people like exposure to the outside, feel hot, seriously affect people’s life and work mood. For the above reasons, for the hot areas, in order to meet the safety needs of high-rise buildings, to create a comfortable, cool environment and reduce air conditioning cooling costs, shielding coefficient SC become the primary consideration.
VANCEVA Sunshine Control PVB film is a film produced by the above requirements to reduce the shielding factor and improve the shading effect. It is through the heat stabilizer additive in the film to absorb the infrared hotline in the sun and reduce the entry Indoor solar heat, this way of heat absorption in the room to reduce the heat at the same time, but also to ensure that there is enough solar light into the room.

VANCEVA sunlight controls the color of the PVB film
VANCEVA Sunshine Control PVB film provides three basic colors: high light transmittance green VANCEVA, medium light transmittance blue VANCEVA, low transmittance gray VANCEVA, these three colors are the most popular in the country , The most commonly used color. VANCEVA not only provides people with the most appreciation of the color film, while improving the different transmittance to meet the needs of different occasions. In order to meet and highlight the architects of different design styles and different aesthetic, designed out of different, unique style, unique buildings, VANCEVA also offers a variety of other colors to give architects choice.

VANCEVA Sunshine Control PVB film can not only meet the needs of hot areas of the shelter, and can be combined with other glass products VANCEVA clip
The performance of the glass is further refined to meet the higher requirements of different regions as well as architects and developers.



Peformance Performance description
 Room glass Visible light through

Light rate

Visible light


Solar energy through




Masking factor
Heat transfer coefficient
Float glass Green glass Float glass 71.O 71 49.9 57 0.7l 55l Lower shelter

High heat conduction

Float glass Green glass Green glass 52.1 62 22.1 51 O.48 55l Low shelter

High heat conduction

Float glass Green glass Solar-E 64.7 9.4 38.1 73 O.54 396 Low shelter

Low heat conduction

Green glass Green glass Solar-E 32.0 5.4 19.9 49 O.37 396 Lower shelter

Low heat conduction

Float glass PVB Float galss 87.9 79 69.7 67 O.87 55l High cover

High heat conduction

Although the tempered glass is considered to be a safety glass, but in the use of high-altitude, because of its broken debris in the process of falling in the formation of “grain rain” will cause a certain degree of harm to the human body, so the architect at the design , Sometimes have to consider the installation of additional expensive and unsightly in the construction of the grid to prevent the above situation; laminated glass can avoid this design of the addiction, at the same time, monolithic glass function tends to tend to Single, through the folder can be achieved by the multi-functional glass, so that the whole building more beautiful and practical.