vacuum insulated glass

Standard vacuum glass (LowE+V+FL):
—Super thin (the minimum thickness is 6mm) and
light,is suitable for renovation of old window.
—Suitable for refrigerator glass door have good fiel
d of vision
Laminated vacuum glass(LowE+V+FL+PVB+FL);
—Super sound insulation ,and good UV protection
Hybrid vacuum glass(LowE+Ar+LowE+V+FL)
—Better thermal insulation than other
—Better sound insulation than other
The vacuum glass thickness :

The Development of VIG in China

Window and door glass

Curtain and facade

Roof Integrate with the

Photovoltaic Glass for BIPV

Other application Home appliance-door of cold-storage or freezer food display glass

The windows in Cars, Trains , busses,boats and sunroofs